ephi (ephi) wrote,

Baldyman no more!

In following the enthusiasm of people asking how to change the user icon (lame baldyman on the left of your username, ephi) and not having them the same across all (community _css, syndicated account memento2, and news news), here's how you can do it.


  • Some people refer the baldyman as blueman, userinfo icon, etc.
  • I rewrite the tutorial to make it readable.

Edit2: Now you don't have to read this boring tutorial anymore! Here comes the nifty generator, done by the nifty loveicon

Edit3: Or... if you're S2-savvy (means you know your way with programming S2) and have paid account, here's a great tutorial from kunzite1

Edit4: LJ is so kind to add yet another unnecessary inline style to the baldyman. *grumble* So the code has to be changed again. There are two ways to do that:

(1) Please add !important after your padding declaration.
padding: 17px 20px 0 0 !important;
(2) Try this padding technique by sarken

Personally, I will recommend the padding technique, but I haven't try it yet and have no time to do so now, so take your pick and report here ;-)

Edit5: LJ changed the location for baldyman and his comrades. [updated: May 28, 2008]

Requirements: Modern Browsers (IE7, Firefox, Opera, etc.)


Install in S1 Layouts Install in S2 Layouts
  1. Read how to integrate CSS with your layout overrides
  2. Insert those CSS codes below (the ones with yellow background)

Go here and click Custom CSS link. In the last bigger box at the bottom add the codes below (the ones with yellow background).

then how?Collapse )


See it in action.


Credit is not necessary, but a link back to the tutorial would be nice, so people can learn, too. CSS codes are not mine, I'm just explaining the technique.

Tags: css
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